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How to Use Reed Diffuser?Full Guide!

how to use reed diffuser

Reed diffusers are a popular way to fill our homes with a soft, long-lasting scent. But how to use Reed diffuser? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to use a reed diffuser correctly to get more out of your smell experience.
From choosing the right diffuser and smell to making the most of its performance so that the scent lasts longer, we’ve prepared all the answers you need.
Besides, we will also answer some common questions about reed diffusers and give you some great tips on maximizing the diffuser’s effects.

What is a Reed Diffuser?

What is a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers, a kind of fragrance diffuser, employ reeds to disperse an aromatic scent into the surrounding air.
An incense burner usually has a glass or clay jar with scented oil inside and a bunch of reeds or sticks that soak up the oil and slowly release the smell.
Since the reeds are like wicks, they spread the scented oil around the room.

How Does Reed Diffuser Work?

Reed diffusers work through a simple process of capillary action and evaporation. Here’s how they work:

Scented Oil

A glass or clay cylinder filled with scented oil is what most reed diffusers are made of. You get flavored oil if you mix fragrance or essential oils with a carrier oil like mineral or veggie oil.
The carrier oil helps spread the fragrance and makes sure it releases slowly. The fragrance oils or essential oils give the mixture its smell.

Reed Sticks

The diffuser usually comes with a bunch of reeds or sticks made of porous materials like bamboo or rattan. Reeds are used as wicks to pull oil with a smell out of the jar.

Capillary Action

Water is pulled into small tubes or placed against the force of gravity. This is called capillary action. Many tiny holes in the reeds let the fragrant oil move up through capillary action.


When the oil hits the top of the reeds, it starts to melt and mix with the air. Essential and aromatherapy oils release their scents into the air when the flammable parts disappear. As the smell spreads, things are moving slowly but surely.

Scent Dispersion

How strong the scent is depends on how many reeds are used and how much surface area is open to the air. A stronger smell will come from more reeds or more exposure to the reeds.
A lighter scent will come from fewer reeds or less exposure. Some reed diffusers have lids or caps that can be adjusted so that you can change how strong the smell is by opening or closing the container partially.

How to Use Reed Diffuser?

how to use reed diffuser

1. Choose a suitable location

Choose where you want to put the diffuser made of reeds. It can be a room, an office, the bathroom, or anywhere else you want to smell nice and make it feel better. Make sure the surface you use for the diffuser is stable and won’t fall over quickly.

2. Remove the stopper or cap

Remove the reed diffuser bottle’s stopper or cap. There may also be a plastic plug on some diffusers that must be removed.

3. Insert the reeds

Take the reeds that come with the diffuser and insert them into the bottle, allowing them to soak up the fragrance oil. Make sure to spread out the reeds for maximum scent dispersion.

4. Flip the reeds (optional)

After putting the reeds in the first time, you can flip them over every one to two hours to wet the dry ends and help the scent spread. You don’t have to do this step, but it can help make the smell stronger.

5. Adjust the scent strength

Use more reeds, or flip them over more often if you want a stronger smell. Don’t use as many reeds or flip them as often for a stronger scent. You can change the number of reeds and how often they are flipped until you get the desired scent strength.

6. Enjoy the fragrance

Reeds will keep pulling up the fragrance oil and releasing the smell. Take pleasure in the pleasant smell that fills the room.

7. Maintain the diffuser

Check the oil level in the bottle every so often to ensure the reed diffuser lasts as long as possible. If the oil level drops, you can buy a new bottle or add more scent oil to the one you already have.
When you’re done using the diffuser, please wash your hands and avoid delicate surfaces because the oil can stain them.

8. Replace the reeds

You can add new ones if the reeds get stuck or want a different smell. Usually, you should do this every couple of months or when you switch scents.


How many reeds should I use?

It’s up to you and the size of the container to decide how many reeds to use in a reed diffuser. If you want a standard-sized diffuser bottle, start with 6 to 8 reeds. Change the number of reeds until you get the scent strength you want.
A stronger smell will come from more reeds, while a gentler smell will come from fewer reeds. Try different amounts of reeds until you find the right mix for your room.

How long is a reed diffuser effective?

Usually, a reed diffuser will work for a few weeks to a few months. How long the diffuser lasts depends on its size, the amount of scented oil, the number of reeds, and the weather where it is used.
To keep it working for longer, use the right number of reeds, change them every so often, keep the environment under control, and refill or replace the diffuser as needed.

Can I reuse reeds?

Reed diffusers can be used again, but it might change how well they work and how good the smell is. Before using the reeds again, clean them very well to get rid of any scented oil that is still on them.
But remember that used reeds might not release the new scent. For best effects, you should usually change the reeds every couple of months or when you switch to a new scent.

Is the reed diffuser safe?

Do not worry about reed diffusers as long as you follow the directions. Keep them out of the reach of kids and pets, and keep them away from heat sources and things that can catch fire.
Also, don’t touch the scented oil directly. Ensure the room has enough airflow, and clean up spills immediately to keep them from coloring. To keep yourself safe, follow the directions given by the maker.


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