What is the Grimace Shake?

What is the Grimace Shake?

I heard a grimace shake poison people.
Wow, unbelievable. It must be a rumor. But in the current situation, it is “poisoning” people.
It started in June:
As part of a promotion to celebrate the 52nd birthday of the furry purple family member, McDonald’s brought out the most-anticipated treat of the summer: the Grimace Shake.
But with it comes. The color purple has taken over half of Tiktok’s traffic. It’s become a new fad.
So, what exactly is the story?
Please pick up the Grimace Shake in your hand and join me to hear its story.

What is the Grimace Shake?

What is the Grimace Shake?

Grimace is one of McDonald’s much-touted mascots. They include Ronald McDonald, Mayor McGee, Fry Kids, and Birdie the Early Bird.
He debuted in 1971 as a more sinister character called Grimace the Evil. He liked to steal people’s milkshakes as much as his rival Burgerella stole hamburgers.
According to McDonald’s, Grimace was supposed to be the “embodiment” of the milkshake. Others usually interpret the grinning purple spots as taste buds.

“The original Grimace was scaly, mean-looking, had four arms, and no charisma. He scared the kids,” former McDonald’s vice president of advertising Roy Bergold Jr. wrote in QSR Magazine in 2012. “We turned him into a soft, plush, two-armed sweetheart who only wanted McDonald’s milkshakes and to hang out with Ronald [McDonald].”
Even though the popular clown and other characters were easy to talk to, “Ghostface of Evil” didn’t get many viewers.
But now it’s the Internet’s favorite furry friend.
“Grimace hails from Grimace Island and comes from a big family [including his Grandma Winky, Aunts Millie and Tillie, and his Uncle O’Grimacey!” said McDonald’s in a June statement. “Our best friend from all time has become a fan favorite because of his unique purple hair, friendly and naughty personality, love of milkshakes, and ambiguous nature.
What exactly is Ghostface? Maybe we’ll never know ……”
The Grimace Shake is a limited edition berry-flavored shake. McDonald’s describes it as “inspired by Ghostface’s iconic color and sweetness.”
The shake is said to celebrate Ghostface’s birthday and immediately sparked jokes from social media users.

What do People Do with the Grimace Shake?

The video uploaded to TikTok shows mostly teens and other young patrons trying out the shake and wishing Grimace a happy birthday. Still, then the video takes on a decidedly morbid tone. The video abruptly switches to the object pretending to be dead, with the shakes often spilling nearby.
The website that keeps track of fans Know Your Meme, says that Austin Frazier started the trend on June 13 when he posted a video. It is about himself trying a Grimace Shake and then lying on the floor with the drink all over his head and mouth.

Grimace Shake

The video was viewed more than 2.6 million times on TikTok. And it prompts others to follow suit but with varying production values.
Frazier said this week that he was inspired by a video where someone tries the Spider-Man burger from Burger King.
The video suddenly cuts to a view from the back of an ambulance with the words “Don’t eat the Spider-Man burger.”
“I said okay, so let’s do something similar,” Frazier said. “Let’s get super excited. Have a drink, and the next scene is me laying on the floor next to everything and some fun music, and that’s it. It’s just a modal about this really weird color that means it’s bad for you, and Ghostface is collecting victims. It’s fun.”

Is Grimace Shake Dangerous?

First of all, no. No one has died or been poisoned by the grimace shake. It’s a perfect and safe drink (for those who aren’t allergic to any ingredients). The whole thing is just a viral comedy trend.
The Grimace shake was released in celebration of Grimace’s 52nd birthday as part of Grimace’s birthday meal. And the purple drink is a limited edition milkshake that tastes like blueberry and fruit cereal. (Unfortunately, it’s only available in the U.S.)
Now, TikTok users are filming themselves putting their hands on the “Grimace” shake, drinking it, and then looking dead, passed out, or throwing up purple milk in the street as if poisoned.
The #grimaceshake hashtag has been viewed more than 145 million times on TikTok, and videos from people participating in the trend are going viral.
They refer to themselves as “grimace victims.”

What is the Grimace Shake Trend?

People are filming themselves trying the new McDonald’s drink as part of TikTok’s “grimace shake” trend, with horrible (but made-up) results.
These videos often see people “passing out” or “vomiting” after trying the drink, while others go a step further and set up crime scenes or scenes that could be straight out of a horror movie.
Purple milkshakes are often splashed around or soaked on people’s faces and bodies.

However, recent TikTok videos show that McDonald’s employees must be more enamored with this new trend.
In the video, a customer asks if drinks have to be ordered as part of a meal. After being told he could order them separately, he asked for five. In response, the employee goes silent.

McDonald’s has since responded to the trend on Twitter, posting a picture of a ghost face with the caption, “Pretend I don’t see the grimace shake trend. “

What is the Grimace Shake Trend?

Is Grimace Shake Still Selling?

Is Grimace Shake Still Selling?

Those who have yet to try the popular drink may no longer be able to get it.
McDonald’s has said goodbye to the shake in a somewhat vague tweet.
The tweet reads, “You made me feel special, now make a face and say goodbye.”
But since the limited-edition shake was made for Ghostface’s birthday, it could return for his next birthday a year later.


The story has come to an end here. Now do you know what a grimace shake is?
Its brief appearance brought a lot of joy to people. Of course, there are a lot of people who don’t understand the trend and the laughs. But overall, its appearance made everyone’s day more varied. In a sense, it achieved an unexpected promotional effect for McDonald’s.
If you haven’t tried Grimace shake yet but crave its flavor, search for its recipe to make yourself a different kind of Grimace shake!
The joke is over. It may be back next year. Let’s look forward to it.


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