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How to Make Candy Grapes? The Easiest Recipe

How to Make Candy Grapes

If you are looking for exciting and unique snacks, Candy Grapes might be a good choice!
These sweet treats can please you and enrich your life.

How to make candy grapes?

The recipe is very simple. They are made of crunchy candy-covered grapes.
Of course, you can make it according to your taste or favorite color.
This recipe sounds interesting. Then get moving with me. This post will teach you how to make delightful candy grapes on TikTok. Follow my tutorial, and you can do it too!

Why Do You Love Candy Grapes?

If you’re looking for an irresistible, quick, and easy snack that you can make right away, then this Candy Grapes TikTok recipe is a must-try! Impress your friends and family with these sweet treats that will make you look like an expert in the kitchen. If you’re a fan of hard candy, I think you’ll love this recipe for the following reasons:

Why do You Love Candy Grapes?

● They are easy to make and require minimal ingredients.
● The candies add a colorful flavor and deliciousness, so this eye-catching snack will surely impress.
● Grapes are an easy-to-find fruit that can be enjoyed year-round. When coated in hard, crunchy candy, they transform into a crunchy, juicy, sweet treat with an irresistible texture (that’s the best part!).

How to Make Candy Grapes?

Candy Grapes Recipe

Candy grapes are covered in sweet and sour candy, dipped in melted Jolly Ranchers, and then more candy is crushed on top to give them a nice crunch. This quick and easy treat with only two ingredients has gone viral because it’s tasty, colorful, and great for holidays and special events like Easter and birthday parties.

How to Make Candy Grapes?

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Assembly time: 15 minutes

Course: Desserts, Snacks

Cuisine: American

Servings: 1.5


● 20–25 grapes Washed and completely dry
● 2 cups white sugar
● 1/2 cup water
● 1/4 cup light corn syrup
● White gel food coloring
● Other gel colors of your choice (I used neon pink and sky blue)
● two teaspoons of your choice of flavoring
● Decorative sprinkles (optional)


● 20-25 bunches
● Candy thermometer (found here)
● Parchment paper or silicon mat


  1. Wash the grapes thoroughly with a fruit wash or soak them in water with white vinegar for about 5 minutes. Rinse them well and dry them completely.
  2. Insert a skewer into each grape and set them aside. Freeze them for 30 minutes. (In a saucepan, place the grapes in a water bowl with white vinegar.)
  3. Mix sugar, water, and corn syrup; stir well.
  4. Insert a candy thermometer into the pan and put it over medium-high heat. The tip of the thermometer shouldn’t touch the bottom of the pan. Instead, it should be put into the sugar mixture. Do not mix while cooking. Cook until the thermometer reads 300°.
  5. When the mixture reaches 300°, remove the pan from heat. Add a few drops of white coloring and flavoring (don’t put too much)
  6. Then add 3–4 drops of gel color and swirl with a spoon or skewer. You can also do one solid color or more than two. It’s totally up to you!
  7. Dip each skewer into the mixture while swirling the grapes to cover them completely. Sprinkle with a little water before coating with sugar granules if desired.
  8. Place the coated grapes on a piece of parchment paper or silicone mat to dry for about 15 minutes. You can also place them in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to harden completely.

Serving Suggestions:

These grapes were taken out of the refrigerator and frozen. They are a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. Wait 5-10 minutes before serving if the frozen grapes are too tough to chew.

Alternatives and Variations:

There are a variety of ways you can get creative with this simple snack, such as:
● Sugar-free – coat grapes with a refined sugar substitute instead of white sugar, such as Alozone sugar, Erythritol, or Rohypnol sweetener.
● Jelly Powder – This snack would taste better if you rolled the grapes in jelly powder instead of sugar.
Use your favorite flavors, such as lemon, strawberry, orange, lime, etc.
● Crushed Candy – Crush your favorite hard candies and use them as a coating instead of sugar.
● Water – the sprinkles part can be replaced with lemon or lime juice.
● Simple syrup – You can coat candy grapes with simple or corn syrup, then sprinkle them with white sugar. After a few minutes, the grapes will be hard on the outside (like a candy apple) and taste sweeter.

Tips for Making Candy Grapes:

Here are some tips to make sure your Candy Grapes recipe comes out perfect every time:
● You should move it quickly when dipping the grapes. The candy syrup cools quickly, so you’ll need to work quickly (but carefully) to ensure all the grapes are evenly coated.
● The goal is to get an even, thin layer of candy on the candy-coated grapes. If your candy coating is too thick, it will be hard to eat.
● Don’t forget to pre-freeze the grapes (30 minutes). It helps ensure the candy coating sticks to the grapes and doesn’t slide off.
● Make sure you use a candy thermometer in this recipe. It helps you reach the correct temperature for your candy syrup. It will not harden properly if your syrup does not reach the hard crack stage (300 degrees F).
● Be careful when adding food coloring to your candy syrup. Adding too much can cause the candy coating to become bitter or tasteless.
● When applying crushed candy to grapes, press it firmly so it adheres to the surface.

How do I Store Leftover Candy Grapes?

Store leftover candy grapes in an airtight container lined with paper towels. Add a second paper towel to the grapes to soak any extra water. The grapes need to be dry, so they don’t stick together.
Eat the frozen sugar grapes within four days. Frozen grapes will be kept for up to two weeks. Let them sit for a few minutes before you try to eat them.

How do I Store Leftover Candy Grapes?

What are the best grapes to use for this recipe?

Seedless green or red grapes are recommended. They are sweet and juicy and perfect for this recipe. Any grapes will work for this recipe if they are seedless.

What’s the difference between red and green grapes besides their color?

Spoon University says that the skins of red grapes are thicker and harder. They are also sweet and juicy.
The darker the skin, the more phytonutrients it contains. On the other hand, green grapes have thinner skins and are slightly tart in their sweetness, some varieties more so than others.

Can I use different types of hard candies in this recipe?

Yes! You can substitute hard candy, so feel free to swap them out for your favorite candies. Another great option is icing sugar or pop rocks. You can also use powdered jelly or powdered sugar if you prefer. Grape jelly is a good alternative if you don’t like the candies in this article.

Why do candies need to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit?

Candy must reach the hard crack stage (300 degrees F) to set and form a hard coating on the grapes. It won’t harden properly if your syrup doesn’t reach this temperature. It can take a while to reach the hard-crack stage, so keep heating until you reach that stage.

How do I remove solidified candy from the pan?

Once the candy has cooled and hardened in the pan, the easiest way to clean it up is to dissolve it in boiling water. Pour hot water into the pan, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrape off any leftover candy.

Why won’t the candy stick to the grapes?

It can happen if the grapes are too dry. Remember to intermittently add the grapes to the lemon juice to ensure they are well coated before adding them to the candy.


And just like that, a delicious batch of candy grapes is out of the oven! As soon as you take your first bite, the grapes’ crisp sweetness and the candy covering’s crunchiness go together perfectly. Your taste buds dance with a burst of flavor, making a beautiful symphony of taste and texture.
When you share these delicious flavors with your friends and family, their eyes will light up with joy and surprise. They are surprised by the idea of Candy Grapes and can’t help but be amazed by the creativity and innovation behind this simple but amazing snack.
Every time you bite a grape, you’ll think about the little things that went into making them. The joy of making something special with your hands and the laughter filling the kitchen.
Sometimes, the simplest pleasures can create the most memorable moments.


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